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This large-scale Transportation Oriented Development (TOD) project integrtes a high-speed railway, three subway lines, public transportation hubs, residential towers and major commercial mixed-use development into one complex in the existing downtown urban environment. This is the first high-speed railway TOD complex in China. The total investment will be over 10 billion RMB. After the project is completed, the Three Gorges Retail Plaza and Shapingba Railway Station will be opened to form a new urban Central Business District (CBD). It will serve as an inventive and highly evocative urban living room for southwest Chongqing.

We designed all ground and terrace levels experiences within the theme of past, present and future public transportation and mass pedestrian movement. The aesthetic is highly fluid and incorporates progressive, ecological sound materials and layered story-telling. 

​Our clients are praising our design and cross-discipline collaboration, using it as a positive example for all their branches to emulate.

Location: Shajiaba, Chongqing, China

Size: 3 City Blocks

Development: 2017-current (under construction)

My Roles: Co-designer with Principal; Project Manager

My Responsibilities: Conceptual Masterplan; Schematic Design; Design Development; Construction Documents Review; Coordinate presentation packages; Internal team management

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