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The China central government recently declared all water edges throughout the country to be developmentally off-limits.  They've even gone so far as to have regular helicopter surveillance up and down waterways to document development. This has put developers and designers with current projects in uncertain territory.  Can we proceed?  How do we proceed if we can? Islands  Park is one of these projects. 

With the support of our client and the local government we chose to continue, utilizing the approach of returning the topography and vegetation back to an interpretation of the previously existing conditions with our own special design twist. Essentially, we are creating restorative and regenerative environments. This is largely unheard of in China and will likely be used as a teaching project for the government and developers countrywide. 

The lake was originally created by damming an existing waterway with high water level reaching the tops of the mountains. These mountaintops peek out of the lake to create a thousand small islands. These islands and the native grasses atop them have become our inspiration. 

Construction recently began and we couldn't be more thrilled.

Location: Chunan, Zhejiang, China

Development: 2018-current

My Roles: Co-designer with Principal; Project Manager

My Responsibilities: Conceptual Masterplan; Schematic Design; Design Development; Architecture design of Tea Pavilion; Coordinate efforts for presentation packages; Internal and external team management

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